Hexarelin is simply a popular synthetic growth hormone that comprises of six amino acids that boast of having very powerful properties of being able to released growth hormone in the body.

A recently carried out study for 16 weeks showed that when this peptide was used in the research subjects, they were able to experienced normalized levels of gh in their body within a period of weeks after stopping using it. Such researches regarding different peptides like GHRP and now this one shows that there are great hopes that these peptides will benefit humans in a great way in the future.

In particular, HEXA has been credited for its ability to accelerate healing of injuries sustained on the body as well as some topnotch cardiac benefits. The good news is that most of these researches carried out have been very promising and have shown that there is more to these peptides than what people already knew. Structure wise, Hexarelin is essentially very similar to GHRP 6 and in fact, most scientists usually confuse the two. However, the researchers have found that what differentiates the two when they are used in researches is that it doesn’t cause the incredible increase on appetite.

When you are buying this peptide for your research work, you should know that it comes like a white powder and you can use it for various research projects. Essentially, the peptide is usually mixed with some bacteriostatic water and can be used to perform different researches.

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